tornado.process — Utilities for multiple processes

Utilities for working with multiple processes.


Returns the number of processors on this machine.

tornado.process.fork_processes(num_processes, max_restarts=100)[source]

Starts multiple worker processes.

If num_processes is None or <= 0, we detect the number of cores available on this machine and fork that number of child processes. If num_processes is given and > 0, we fork that specific number of sub-processes.

Since we use processes and not threads, there is no shared memory between any server code.

Note that multiple processes are not compatible with the autoreload module (or the debug=True option to tornado.web.Application). When using multiple processes, no IOLoops can be created or referenced until after the call to fork_processes.

In each child process, fork_processes returns its task id, a number between 0 and num_processes. Processes that exit abnormally (due to a signal or non-zero exit status) are restarted with the same id (up to max_restarts times). In the parent process, fork_processes returns None if all child processes have exited normally, but will otherwise only exit by throwing an exception.


Returns the current task id, if any.

Returns None if this process was not created by fork_processes.

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